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Dear Experts:

Configured suse linux enterprise  11.0 (procured subscription) on dell server to work as samba domain controller with the passwd backend as openldap every thing is working fine, now there is a requirement of the similar setup in branch office but the management is not in a posistion to invest on procuring the suse enterprise linux hence iam planning to install open suse at the branch office which should only work as samba domain controller , squid proxy and dhcp for around 50 users. Please suggest me
1. can open suse be used for the production server for the above mentioned services.
2. If yes then whicl installing the openldap server should i select as replication server as in the main office i have installed the ldapserver as standalone.

Please help.

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Have you checked with Novell about Licensing? If I'm not mistaken when you use Commercial Linux Distro's like RedHat and Novell's SUSE, when you have bought a server license you can use that License on multiple machines, you are not limited to just one Server. Before using OpenSUSE in the branch Office I'd check that out.

Of course OpenSUSE is stable enough to run in a production environment. Whether you want to replicate OpenLDAP with your current server depends on your needs, but I'd think it is a good idea.
Open SUSE is pretty much the same code base.  There are some small changes but it is very similar.
Any thoughts of 'will it do' can be cast aside.  it will work.
The main thing you do not get is support.  If you are happy enough to back up the server and reload it if things go wrong then you are doing most of the support yourself anyway.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, Thank you very much, will check about the licensing can you please tell me in the branch office server  should I select as replicate server.
My goal is once server as standalone which is already configured in mainor head office and on the site office will instrall the ldap as replicate server and configure required services.

doubt is the site office server should be seleted as replicate server and for samba select pdc again in the site/branch office please suggest.
Just for our info, what did you find out about SUSE licensing?
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