Microsoft Licensing - need to update keys every year

We have an OVS agreement with MS and have done for many years now.

I am curious about MS licencing and keys. If I build a Windows Server (2008 or 2003) today and enter the key from our OVS agreement, then the next year the agreement number changes and new keys are issued. Do I need to then go through my whole server farm and update the keys to the new ones. Does the same apply to Windows 7 also?

Thanks in advance.

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Neil RussellConnect With a Mentor Technical Development LeadCommented:
Keys from previousagrrements are valid so long as they are used and installed durring the lifetime of the agreement. I'm an NHS Sys admin and the nightmare that that would cause does not bare thinking about!
The keys are safe, your servers are safe and most of all, YOU are safe :D
Hmmm interesting question, from experience the keys from the old agreements dont become invalid...
BerryGardensAuthor Commented:
I agree. All my servers run on keys from last years agreement. We changed reseller and given a new ID - hence the new keys. When I login to the MS Licencing I can see both agreements (obviously one showing expired). I have an MS audit soon (SAM) so I may know the answer myself if I can't find the answer here :s
BerryGardensAuthor Commented:
Wonderful thanks for clarifying that :) best wishes Sir
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