SonicWall TZ 100 or TZ 200

      We currently have a small network of 15 machines. We would like to install a firewall to for security and as a SPAM solution. I am looking at a SonicWall TZ100 or TZ200. I am not well versed in the configuration of these type of devices so any suggestions would be appreciated. Will the TZ100 handle 15 to 20 users?

Thank you
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The list pricing for TZ series with 1 year Total Secure is:
   TZ100  $  465
   TZ200  $  769
   TZ210  $1,052
You can get discounts off these.

The basic difference between the three is:
                                   TZ100                   TZ200                 TZ210
throughput                 100MB                  100MB                 200MB
GAV throughput          35MB                    50MB                   70MB
IPS throughput             50MB                    70MB                 100MB
UTM throughput           25MB                    35MB                   50MB
STS VPN tunnels           5                          10                        15
Global VPN License       0                            2                          2
Max GVPN licenses       5                          10                        25
SSLVPN licenses           1                            1                          2
Max SSLVPN licenses   5                           10                        10
VLANS                           5                           10                        10
Local User database     25                          50                       100

The other difference is that the TZ100 and TZ200 has 10/100MB interfaces, where the TZ210 has two gigabyte interfaces.

So, depending up what you need I would suggest you consider the TZ200 over the TZ100, given the small price difference. If you need the features of the TZ210, then I would go that way.

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I always suggest the TZ100 to save money. It will easily handle a small network like that. I have about 250 customers with the same setup and run fine.  
daskas27Author Commented:
Thank you. What is the difference between the STS VPN and the Global? Also, This will be mainly used as network security solution and we really don't need much else in the way of features for the foreseeable future. Which way would you go?
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STS VPN is a fixed vpn tunnel between two specific locations (site to site).

The Global VPN uses a client to allow a remote pc to establish a vpn connection to the Sonicwall.

The SSL VPN basically does the same, but without a client, using a browser connection (https).

The difference in discount pricing between a TZ100 and TZ200 is $225. So, if that matters go with the TZ100, if you can afford the difference, I suggest the TZ200.
Note that the TZ100 comes with an SSL VPN license included but not GVC. Honestly SSL is nicer anyway and you'd want to use that if remote access interests you.
daskas27Author Commented:
How difficult is it to configure the TZ devices?
Not hard, it's done with a browser interface. By default the Sonicwall will permit all traffic from LAN to WAN. So after you configure the WAN and LAN interfaces, the device would be working. Then you can add whatever restrictions and controls you want.
daskas27Author Commented:
Thank you for all your help.

Also note that I have a "best practices" setup video available on YouTube so you can lock down the SonicWALL:
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