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As I am installing a recent SP of  engineering enterprise software of our company, It installs but when I try to run the software it says that
"the software is not of the same version as the database administrator."

I have ensured that the new SP is compatibile with the oracle version installed on the system i.e.10g.

Any clues to this?
should i remove the oracle database constraint violation or something else.
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johnsoneConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle DBACommented:
My guess is that there is a version table in the database and the application checks the version table to make sure that the version of the application matches the version of the database.  That is what is generating the message.

That tells me that there is a database component to your service pack that you have not applied.

As stated, not an Oracle issue.
>>> the software is not of the same version as the database administrator."

that is not an oracle error.

oracle errors will prefixed with something like ORA-12345

it's something generated from the application itself,  you'll need to contact your vendor for support
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I agree, this is not an Oracle error.  This is an error message coming from the application, so you need to contact the application vendor to find out exactly what this means, and what you may have to do to solve the problem.  As already mentioned, Oracle errors start with "ORA-" followed by a five digit number, something like: "ORA-00001...".
no split?

isn't that what all 3 posts said?
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