Data Error (Cyclic redundancy check) Seagate External Hard Drive3

Hello All,

I have a 500GB Seagate external hard drive. Yesterday, unfortunately, my drive got unplugged from my laptop without going through the "safely remove" procedure.  It worked perfectly fine prior to that. However, now when I plug it in, I get an error telling me i need to format the disk before I can use it, when I cancel I get an error telling me the drive is not accessible due to a Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

The drive shows  up in both my computer and disc management, however when I can't access the drive, or use any utilities suck as check disc.

My entire photo and music collection was stored on that drive, and I'd really like to at least be able to recover the data.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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eXpeLLeD_4RM_heLLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cyclic redundancy Errors are ussullay signs to End a Hard Drive.

Backup your Drive
Download Seatools for Windows from the Seagate website :
Install and run diagnostics on the Hard Drive.
Sounds broken. Do a dskchk on it and tick the boxes to fix errors etc.

See what happens. Otherwise its broke.

You could try taking it out of the casing and using it as a secondary drive in a PC as a last resort, just in case you can get to the data on it and copy it off.
If its a CRC Errror, then i doubt that even removing from the casing is going to help.
Yes does sound well and truly broke.

You never know, sometimes can help.

Info on error for poster:
If the file-system on the drive was FAT, then don't run a chkdsk on it. That tool is only safe on ntfs partitions. Apart from that you probably wouldn't be able to run this anyway as the disk currently isn't accessible with a drive-letter.

As mentioned earlier, first run the seatools on that HD, and allow it to repair errors if it finds any. After that try accessing the disk again. If You can access it, and if it is an NTFS partition, run chkdsk /x on it.

If after using seatools on it, and you still can't access it, scan it using GetDataBack, and if the utility sees your files, register it so you can copy the data to some other location:

After that I would use the seatools again to low-level format the disk, and after that you can use diskmanagement to partition and format it with NTFS.
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