Basic XenApp question

We have recently started connecting to servers at a remote office using Citrix XenApp version 11.  Some users use the program neighborhood desktop icon, some use the web client.

We have some Microsoft Access databases that create a folder for the current user when they run.  We use an executable that creates the folder named as the user (i.e. 'JSMITH") on the network folder that is created for every Citrix user which is 'W:\" in our scenario.

The executable (which is fired by the user when they want to open one of the access applications) always looks to see if the folder already exists, and if not, creates it, then opens the database that it drops inside of it...(the users 'front end' if you will...)

This usernamed- folder can really be thought of as something like a 'session' folder.  When the user logs out of Citrix, it is no longer really needed.  

Since it can be created each time, automatically, I am wondering if it makes sense to delete it at the end of the users session?  Some users may go weeks or months without using these databases....

So my questions is this:   is it possible to use a script to delete the users folder when they log off Citrix?  Is there a log off script like there is a login script for Windows?  As you can surely tell, I am not a network guy, so I am a novice in this area....   but I can write a vb script to delete the current users folder- just don't know how it would be triggered to run...

Thanks for any insight..
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I am a Citrix user not an admin but you can run scripts at logoff just as you can on startup.  I believe there are various different ways, registries, Active directory etc

I think a logoff policy in the registry could possibly look like this..
Key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\ CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Value: LogoffApp
Type: REG_SZ
Data: List of applications that are to be run, separated by commas.

However this would have to be done on every server.

Hope thats at least a start at answering your question
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
I can't speak for Citrix, but Windows has the abiliity to launch scripts at logoff.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Hopefully your Citrix servers are in their own OU with their own Group Policies.  Just add a logoff script to delete the files and folder if they exist.
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snyperjAuthor Commented:
ok, and when you say 'logoff script', that can be any kind of script?  In other words, if I provide our IT Dept with a simple .vbs script that deletes the user folder, they would be able to use that somehow, or does it need to be in some specific format?
Carl WebsterCommented:
VBScript, batch file, command file, kix, etc etc.
snyperjAuthor Commented:
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