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Server 2003 -Software mirror - move to hardware raid

I have a Dell Poweredge 2950 running Server 2003 standard SP2 as a mail relay server, it contains 2 * 80GB Sata drives on a Dell SAS 5/i intergerated controller.
When it was built it was built as a software mirror in 2003, a drive failed in it a few weeks ago and when Dell were replacing the drive they said the server was capable of a hardware raid so now I want to move it to a hardware raid.
Now I know I can just start afresh and build the server as new and then reconfigure IIS for the relay but I would like to try an image.
From reading online here it seems some people have been able to take an image of the server, build from fresh to the same service pack and then restore the image onto the now hardware RAID and that the discs would have changed to basic.
Any views on this - Here is what I read:

What are the steps? Do I break the software mirror before I take the image?
The drives are currently on the controller so I wont have an issue with it and drivers in 2003, but may have an issue with an imaging software seeing it?

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I think you can do it with backup/recovery software such as Paragon Drive Backup 10 Server www.drive-backup.com
You do not need to brake the mirror even to take image. Simply install DB10 or start it from WinPE Recovery CD (comes with program) then take backup of first volume in mirror (or if you want then brake the mirror before).
When image is ready try to restore this image to standalone HDD (test HDD) - see if you are able to boot from it.
When test is done turn off the server - start it into RAID configuration utility.
There configure the RAID you want (RADI1 I assume).
When RAID is built boot the server from Paragon Recovery WinPE CD and restore from backup to the HDD (now system will see your RAID as single HDD). When restore is done - boot to Windows.
Task is finished.
Before you start with cloning the disk.  Check if your program can work on Windows Dynamic Disks.  Most will not.  When I tried before the server wouldn't boot completely.  OS was Windows 2003 32bit Standard.

I read 1 solution was to not clone the disk but to clone partitions, and restore partitions.
Another was to convert the dynamic disk to a basic disk, you would need to break the software mirror first.
there is some software which claims to be able to convert dynamic disks to basic, but I have never tried it.
Make sure you have a separate full backup before you start this.  Or keep your original disks as a backup.

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