Embedded YouTube + Shadowbox IE 9 issue.

Hello guys,

Please look at the image below.  I have an embedded YouTube Video on a page, and I have images on a page.  The vid is embedded, the images are displayed using ShadowBox script.

When clicking the image (as you can see in the below image) the embedded YouTube vid is displayed over the shadowboxed image, when it should be behind.  

This only happens in IE 9 (ugh!).  Strangely enough, one of my pages displays it correctly, with the vid behind the shadowboxed image.  But I cannot see any difference in the code, I cannot figure out why this particular page is showing it correctly - the pages are copied from a template.

Any idea's - I could show you my code - but as I said, the code is the same on all pages, yet one of the six pages shows it correctly.

If you need more information, please ask.

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This is likely either:

a.) an issue with wmode (depending on how you're embeding this). Search google for 'wmode' but you likely want the transparent value
<param name="WMode" value="Transparent" />

b.) a z-index issue
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