Exchange 2003 eseutil recovery plain text emails

I had an exchange server crash, the file was in a dirty state. So I ran eseutil /p to get in a clean state and recover the file. After the process, it is ripping a part plain text emails. Most plain text emails are damaged, and come up in random text and symbols.

Is there anything that can repair this?
Matthew GalianoCTOAsked:
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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
not sure if this will hep or not but try to run isinteg first to check the DB health
Matthew GalianoCTOAuthor Commented:
THank You for your help, it is not really going to help but I appreciate the recommendation. The store has to be functioning before you can perform isinteg on it. I tried to run eseutil /g before /p and same senario.
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