Disaster Recovery and Business continuity


I want to look for a cost effective solution for client of mine.

My client network is virtualized. Three physical servers plus SAN hosting probably 15 virturals servers. They ask me to look for a distaster recovery solution for them. I identified what are important to keep their business running if disaster strikes.

I want know what type of option they can have. They want have 1 or 2 servers off site in another state. What cost effective solution can i have to replicate the important servers and keep the business up and running when production site is not reachable.

The servers that are important are the following

-Exchange 2010 server
-Files server
-Client portal access
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lucid8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
(No points for this please because I'm not answering your question.  But I have advice.)  Once it is all set up, run a "fire drill."
Glad I was able to help, which way did you end up going?
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