BESx, unable to access web gui

Hey Guys.

some one was messing with my server at a client and now i cannot access the web console for BESx.

looks like the one of the think he nows it all staff here, thought it would be smart to unisntall apache/tomcat.

Now BES services are fine just can't configure.  

tried a few thing but tracked it down to not having apache on the server any more.

any suggestions on how to get that back or reinstalled with out reinstalling the BESx?

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Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

I would expect the BAS-AS service to fail if that is the case?

Check for port conflicts, try HTTP on the port specificed in the Blackberry Configuration Manager under BAS;

If they have deleted Appache, then it looks like the BAS service component is missing - you might be able to add this component to the existing BES component by running Setup and selecting Administration Service.

You could install it on another server, if necessary.


cntrlaltd3lConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Re-install the BlackBerry Administration Service again.
jjanknegtAuthor Commented:
Can i reinstall the administrations service live with out a restart?
jjanknegtAuthor Commented:
I cannot seem to find the original install 5.0.1 but have 5.0.2 ready go?
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