Server Directory Security

Not sure if I am making this hard or maybe it is not possible.

I have a directory on the server that houses all of the company client files.
I need all my users to be able to create new clients and create files within these directories.
What I dont want to happen is they have the ability to delete these files or folders. Alot of the workers are not really computer literate and are accidently deleting files.

I have removed full access and delete options from the user and the owner (as they have created the file)
This nearly works perfect but now when they create a new folder they are unable to call it anything as they dont have access.

Can anyone let me know what controls the renaming as I thought it was change but it appears to not be this.

Again all I have removed from the users is full control and the two delete options in the advanced security sceen.

Am I trying to accomplish the impossible?

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a problem with doing so, this is a common question. By not allowing them to delete a file there are issues with Office documents. When you open the document it creates a temporary file, when you close it it saves the original and deletes the temp. Without the ability to delete the temp, Office runs into major problems. This may force you to rethink your intended restrictions.
Robert_TurnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also bear in mind users will not be able to move files with Delete rights removed.  As a move command is really an instruction to copy and delete.
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