Exchange 2007 - identify who "owns" an email adress


Title says it all - I need to identify where a given e-mail adress in being used in my organisation. I need to define a distribution list for but the system reports it as already in use... Problem is that I can't locate it :)
Alexandre TakacsCTOAsked:
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morpheiosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Type in Exchange Shell

get-recipient -results unlimited | where {$_.emailaddresses -match ""} | select name,emailaddresses,recipienttype

Or simple start new mail in Outlook enter To: and press button "Check names"
JohnGrunwellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to Active Directory Users and Computers –> right click on the domain and click find –> in the find field, change the criteria to ‘custom search’ –> click the advanced tab where you can type in a LDAP query. If you are trying to find out who has, type
Wildcards can be added to the email address portion, and you can also type a wildcard ie. * and then change the view to add the proxyaddress column to see all of the entities with their proxyAddresses (email addresses)
Alexandre TakacsCTOAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you - the culprit was a mail enabled public folder - forgot about that one !

Alexandre TakacsCTOAuthor Commented:
The shell script was the fastest way to id the mailbox
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