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MSWord 2003 Can not insert page breaks

I have a MSWord 2003 document, generated by our web site (using vanilla ASP code - where unfortunately MSWord does not recognize the  ASP page break command).   Therefore we would like to insert the page breaks manually.  When doing this, the page break does not insert itself where we would like it to insert (by company name - with the black background) but throws it to the top of the document.

The document was first manipulated:
1. By removing the Top Heading
2. Maximizing the left and right margins
3. Converting Table to Text > Separate text with Tabs Search-output.doc
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2 Solutions
at some point during the reformatting, probably the Table to text part but possibly because of the way the web site is formatted you have wound up with a series of nested tables so you the (obvious) table is actually sitting in a cell in a row within another row.
You can see this if you select the whole lot (Ctrl-a) and use a table format to highlight the various rows etc - those 'cells' out to the right are actually the ends of the rows of the outer tables.

I deleted all the extra columns and rows I could find, then selected each company section and cut/pasted it to its own page but if you can find out where the nesting is coming from their wil be a faster way

GeorgeJacobsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot!
We are working both your solutions right now.
1. Removing the nested tables manually
2. Coding the ASP so that it does not create nested tables

Will let you know asap.  Much obliged!
Paul SauvéCommented:

What I did was to select the entire table then use the Convert table to text and deselecting Convert nested tables. I repeated this two more times and ended up with the following file (a series of 11 tables which I numbered): Search-output-2-.doc

This method is a bit quicker than the above "brute force method"
GeorgeJacobsonAuthor Commented:
We changed the ASP code to only a single level of tables (Removed all nested tables).  As a result, when in MSWord, the option to convert Table to Text was no longer available.  We could then enter page breaks without any problem.
Thanks to both of you!

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