Issue with DPM 2007 connecting to it's agent

My DPM (2007) backup server is unable to connect to my SQL 2000 server database. I'm able to ping the server from my DPM server. Is there an issue with the two (DPM 2007 and SQL Server 2000)?

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pjamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry my bad, I thought it said you could not ping.  Is the small business server 2003 32-bit?
If so check out this KB:

So when you go to add the server (with all prerequisites installed) DPM doesn't see the server with SQL2000?
Are they both in the same domain?
I only backup the SQL backups here for SQL 2005, works withought a hitch.  Don't know why there would be an issue with SQL 2000, but it seems you have a network issue rather than DPM since you cannot ping.
jmichaelpalermo4Author Commented:
They are both in the same domain and I can ping the servers from each other
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jmichaelpalermo4Author Commented:
Ah sorry, I should have provided more info: The DPM is running Server 2008 Enterprise x64. I can see the SQL server in the list, but the database does not appear when I expand it.
just a thought have you enabled an Enterprise license for SQL?  I am fairly sure that is reqired for SQL and why I only backup the SQL backups.  So you need 2 Enterprise licnces.   See attached jpeg of my licenses.  You can access your licenses on the Management\Agents tab and then "Update Licenses" is on the far right.  Just for kicks make sure it is 2 for Enterprise and then see if you can see database, you can try that without purchasing to see if it works.

update licenses
What did you do to make it work?  Just curious.
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