Report server requiring multiple logins before accepting

This morning our report server began requesting login credentials that are usually pulled automatically. The user then has to press OK three times in order for them to be accepted, without changing any of the info entered. The process then repeats with each folder and file they try to access. Any suggestions as to why this is happening and how to fix it?
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find the machine name of your report server, and try and log in using reportservername\username
it comes down to how windows domain names are handled.

the reason i suggest this is we discovered that after 3 months of users tripleclicking login boxes, and users that had the same report server username and domain username, but had different passwords would end up locking out their windows accounts. by default the reporting server was trying to prefix all usernames with DOMAIN\ and then authenticate agaisnt the domain server, even with all the logins being local to the reporting server. easy fix is to get everybody to start prefixing their usernames with REPORTSERVERNAME\ and then there was no more tripleclicking
are your client machines on a domain which is different from the reporting server?
if so what is happening is when you submit a user:password combo to the reporting server, the client is actually sending DOMAIN\USERNAME:password

try logging into the reporting server using <report server name>\username:password
Linear-ITAuthor Commented:
They're on the same server. The problem has to boil down to the fact that it's requiring the credentials three times; no more, no less. The exact same credentials; you literally click OK three times and it goes through. Until you try to access the next level down, then you have to click OK again three times.

So I think it's pulling the logins like it's supposed to, but they're not being accepted on the first go.
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