Center 2 divs within block (fluid)

I am working on developing a site here: - I am working on making this in to a responsive website. My area I cant get is:

The main nav "Discover" and "Engage" - What is the best way to center those 2 elements with in the diagonal block?

I tried margin:0 auto and tried setting a width as well, and tried to inherit but that didnt work.

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No. It's rendering the same, however it's because the text inside are 2 different widths.
Discover is 8 letters
Engage is 6 letters

That is going to make a huge difference in spacing, as you can see. I would class both of them and assign them widths as close as possible to their actual widths.
The main problem is that they are both different widths. The engage element is trying to center off of the discover width. You'll have to set a separate width for the Engage parent
catonthecouchproductionsAuthor Commented:
So even know I have this declaring both:

.nav_header {
  background: url("../images/nav_header.png") no-repeat scroll -454px 0 transparent;
  float: left;
  height: 40px;
  line-height: 40px;
  margin: 0 2.96371% 31px 0;
  width: 42.8711%;

The % render differently?

I'm not so sure about the different widths being a problem.

You're trying to get the words "discover" and "engage" to be centered within their respective parent divs, right?  One thing to remember is that "inherit" is ignored by IE.

Can you try this?
1. Replace "width: inherit" with "text-align: center" for .nav_header_wrap in style.css (around line 137)
2. Remove "float: left" for .nav_item in style.css (around line 150)

See if that works.
catonthecouchproductionsAuthor Commented:
Separating the 2 with their own class, worked perfect!
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