Why ePolicy Orchestrator suddenly doesn't work?

This is using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.0 on w2k8 r2 server. Initially, this server is a member server, and last week, my team mate upgrade it to become a DC.Today, I want to use it and found that I can't access the web site. Later, I found that services, such as, SQL Server (EPOServer), McAfee ePOlicy 4.6.0 application server service, event parser service, and server services all can't be started. How can I resolve this problem?

Appreciate for your help.
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MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
After change the logon account from Network services to local system account, all above 4 services can be start without problem. Now, I can access to use ePO administration tools
MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
It works as suggested
Sack your team mate.....

Installing ePO on a Domain Controller is supported, but not recommended by McAfee

You can run in to all sorts of issues......there are specific instructions you need to follow when installing ePO on a Domain Controller, and yes, as you've found, if you dcpromote, then it breaks

I would recommend uninstalling and installing ePO on another server

Concur with the comments by "legalsrl".
The recommendation has always been to run ePO on a separate Server.

I made the same mistake (installed it on an NT BDC) many years ago and learned the hard way.

Uninstall and reinstall it properly.
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