a pop up windows is poping every now and then saying: welcome back to remote.domain.local

a pop up windows is poping every now and then saying:

welcome back to remote.domain.local

sometimes the passwords work sometime the password doesn't work
echange is connected and it pop
press cancel and it goes
will pop out again
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PanopticComputerServicesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had this problem with SBS 2008, it was driving me crazy! Usually unchecking outlook anywhere under account settings > More options > connection would temporary fix the solution but for some reason it would eventually stop working again. Here is what the permanent fix for me was.

quoted from http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/exchangesvrgeneral/thread/383d130e-869f-4fce-9502-8b340904b0ba/

To fix the problem, I opened IIS on the

Exchange server and checked the following directories under the

default website (the root site(default web site), oab, autodiscover).

Under the directory security tab, click Edit in the Secure

Communications section. I had the require SSL checked and the 128bit

encryption, but under Client Certificates, it was set to ignore. Once

I changed that to Accept for each of the folders, stopped and started

IIS, I stopped being prompted all the time for credentials. Hopefully

this will help someone in the future. Just confirmed fixed for client!!!


Have you checked to see if your exchange certificates are valid?  If you are using self-assigned  cert, then they expire every year.
lennykatzAuthor Commented:
I just installed sbs and configure the exchange via pop3 connector, I don't know what are exchange certificates?
lennykatzAuthor Commented:
I get to the part on the IIS, i have a folder tha is name "sites" under that said "default web site and the what. I think I'm lost, please be a little more specific
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