How can I convert an uploaded font to a swf?

Hi all,

In a nutshell, I need to allow users to upload their own fonts to my Flash-based design program.

What I CAN do so far:
--Create an .as file with a Flex Embed meta tag with a class that registers the Font
--Execute mxmlc against the .as file to create a SWF font library file (this is done locally at the command line, and requires the Flex SDK and the Java SDK)
--Load the font library SWF into another SWF flash and embed the font in a textField
--Upload the True Type font files to the IIS server

What I WISH I could do:
--Create the SWF file server-side from a TTF font file uploaded by the user
--Second best, create the SWF file client-side without requiring Flex/Java (ActiveX?)
     + I tried Font2SWF but can't seem to find a font class inside the gen'd SWF, just graphics
        on the stage.

Anybody know how to do this?

(I'm running on an IIS server and I use ASP. My main Flash app uses AS3.0.)

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BlueKaranaAuthor Commented:
That is what I'm already doing. See above, "Execute mxmlc against the .as file to create a SWF font library file " mxmlc is an Apache Ant process.

I want something that's doesn't require an install on the client's pc.

Thanks, tho
In this case you need to upload font file to your server and you will create SWF file.
I am not sure you can find other options or ask your client to download
and they will able to generate SWF using XML and asset files
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BlueKaranaAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately swfmill only generates AS2 and I need AS3.

I have decided to just have the customer send the ttf files in and our production people will generate the swf(s) with mxmlc on their local PC and upload them. We're going to create a VB front end (to collect data and use a batch file to run mxmlc) to make it easier for our people to do this with the hundreds of fonts they receive.

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That is the best solution in your case and easier for customer to use
BlueKaranaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, dgofman, for trying to help. I appreciate it. It's a tough problem with no ideal solution that I can see either.
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