Slow login to Windows 7 Multiple users

We are experiencing some very long login times (several minutes in some cases) in Windows 7.  They are very bad upon initial login but are also unacceptable with subsequent logins.  We think the problem is possibly related to the size of the default profile.  It grows very large with installation of different applications.  But are not convinced this is the only issue.
Looking for some leads as to where to look.

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Neil RussellConnect With a Mentor Technical Development LeadCommented:
1) Is DNS checked and ok
2) Are you using roaming profiles on a domain?
joelsplaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are network file transfer speeds ok once logged in?
If network speeds are slow I have some fixes.
Are your 7 boxes all patched up SP1 etc?
Disable IPv6.
Make sure your NIC drivers are up to date.
Drives getting full or fragmented?
HobettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To ensure acceptable logon times for users, if you are using a mandatory profile it should be no larger then 4MB especially if you are using a wireless network for logging on a number of clients in the same space.

If you are using roaming profiles then try to ensure that the larger folders are redirected and stored on the server, so My Documents, Application Data would be two of the larger folders. My pictures, My Music etc can be setup in Group Policy to follow the MY documents for Windows 7.

For dns issues, use nslookup to check that you can resolve the servers and domain(s) in your network from the client. Look at forward and reverse zones by using the server's name as well as it's ip address.

The default profile should only be used the first time that a user logs on to the computer. This can be either a domain wide Default profile in the sysvol folder, for windows 7 this would be "Default User.v2". This would then form the basis of any roaming profiles.
kheaneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I will try these tomorrow!
kheaneyAuthor Commented:
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