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Hello Everyone, I have a SBS2003 Domain with WinXP clients. I need to flag folders with different colors or icons so it is easier to serach for them. Is there a built in utility that I can use to do this. Thank you .
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There is no built in way to do this. You could change the icon for a folder, but it would change it for all. Making a file compressed - slows performance - can change it's colour. Have you thought about using a naming convention. For example putting an ! in front of a folder name put it at the top of the folder list and using different allowed symbols for folder might help.

Using the advanced search option in Microsoft's find tool, you can narrow by file type, date, etc. You can check in the Microsoft Indexing Service settings or the drive settings under MY Computer to see if a location is being indexed to make folders quicker to find.

This might be a little overkill for your needs an alternative is to use a search server over and above the features of Microsofts indexing service. For example Google's Search Appliance: http://www.google.com/enterprise/search/gsa.html

We have one and it is fast and delivers just like Google.
mattkiranAuthor Commented:
Ok. This google search appliance will probably cost money. I was looking for a cost free solution. Thank you a bunch for responding. I guess there is a built in utility.
How much data are you talking about?

Windows built in search is normally sufiicient, although it can be tweaked for context based searches, to be more effective......
Have you had any success with using the Indexing service?
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