Syncing Sharepoint List to a Library

I have a large library of metadata in Sharepoint.  I need to pull this data into a Sitecore CMS website (this is the bit we are fine with...)...  

We can't connect directly to the library...  but we can connect to a list...

I need a solution that allows me to sync the content in a list with the metadata fields in the library.

I need to pull over about 10-15 fields from the library to the list - this could be a custom workflow or could be some kind of lookup.

I need the list to reflect the changes made on the library in real time or close to real time.
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I may be misunderstanding the requirements, but it seems to me that this could be done with SharePoint Designer workflows.

First, create a list with a lookup to the library's ID field, then create text fields for all the metadata fields you need to sync.

Next, create a workflow in SPD that fires on creation of a new item in your library and creates a list item with the metadata from the library item.

Now you'll create another workflow that fires on any change in a library item and updates all the fields for the item with the same LibraryID in the list. That should be real time.

An SPD workflow won't be able to sync all the existing data into the list though as it won't iterate through the library and you'd have to modify every item in the list manually. Not good.

If you can create a view of the metadata including the ID field  in the library and mirror that view in the new list, a copy and paste from data sheet mode could work. If it's thousands of records or worse, that wouldn't be optimal either. I'm afraid some kind of custom coding would be required to handle that.
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