unable to login terminal session in windows server 2003


i am logging into a server through remote desktop. its a windows server 2003 o/s. i done some work with that server and then i disconnected directly(i didint logoff), becoz i opened so many applications. every time i doing like this only and able to login into same remote session only. today i disconnected the session and later i try to login to the server but its going to other session. i want to login into the same session which i am daily loging into the server.

how to loging into the same session.

please guide me on this.
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ramachandrarajuConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
its resolved. after waiting for some time its asked to choose the session.
log into the computer with the session you Don't want.

Open Terminal Services Manager
Select this computer (is by default)
look to the right - right click the session you want and select Connect.
ramachandrarajuAuthor Commented:
it accepted automatically
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