Redirected Appdata & Outlook first run


Have 2008 R2 DC, hosted cloud exchange 2010. Users Win 7 Pro.
GPO to redirect all users folders to server. Appdata included. From a users PC %appdata% points to server\usersredirected\username\appdata
if i look inside roaming I see Micorosoft\Outlook\Profile

However, after setting up a user on computer A with an exchange 2010 cloud account. Logging off, Log that user into Computer B, I open Outlook and am prompted to setup an account, ie it has no record of teh exchange profile that was setup on computer A

What am I missing, in ADUC the users profile entry is empty, but appdata is being redirected and looks like it has what I need. Appreciate help
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Outlook stores the actual profile config in the registry....

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles

So without a Roaming Profile, you are seeing the expected results.....

The only thing in %appdata% is the Profile "files" not the full config......
Amiga-2000Author Commented:

Thanks. I'll add \\server\profiles\%username% and see how it goes

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