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EnGenius - any good?

What do you guys think of EnGenius as a company that makes wireless access points for small to medium size network?

Are their products aimed at businesses, or at super-cheap residential?

E.g. check this out:


Pretty cheap - I wonder if the product is any good?

What about EnGenius' other products like these:


Their products have things like "Business class" in the name - are they actually good devices for a small business with a only a few employees (e.g. around 20), but a high demand that the wireless network be reliable and consistent? Would I be shooting myself in the foot investing in EnGenius?

My intentions are to make a simple, small network with two APs, I want both APs to have the same SSID so that you can roam around in the area. There will be around 20 people connected to the network in total.

So basically it is nothing big, but certainly there more connections and traffic here than most cheapo home routers have the capacity for.

1 Solution
EnGenius has a pretty good reputation. A lot of people tinkering with DIY WiFi stuff use them due to good driver support and a good bang for your buck. Pretty sure I have a several of their cards in my collection WiFi gear, older now obsolete 802.11b stuff, but it was rather prized for having better than normal amplification & robust Linux support.


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