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HPUX won't start

I have attached the error message. I have boot into single user mode. Can someone show me how i can delete files to free up space?
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1 Solution
Did you successfully log on to single user?

You need to use rm command to delete files

rm -f

Files and directories
rm -rf

Also you need to know what file systems are full
df -hT

locster73Author Commented:
i have successfully log in as single user. but when i tried the df command it did not work
In single-user mode -
fsck /dev/vx/dsk/rootdg/varvol  # to ensure it is not corrupt
mount /usr; mount /tmp; mount /var  # bdf & df commands should now work, though you may have to specify the full path to the commands, e.g /usr/bin/bdf
cd /var/tmp; ls -l  # Looking for large files
rm /var/tmp/*  # Nothing in /var/tmp should be necessary after a reboot - DBAs note, "tmp" is NOT a good place to store stuff!

At least, this should give you room in /var to boot the system.

cd /var
du -sk |sort -n # See what's taking up the most space

Most likely culprits are /var/tmp (temp files not cleaned up by apps), /var/spool (mail & print files) & log files (possibly hardware error logs)

Post the results here if you're not sure what the files are or if they can be safely deleted
locster73Author Commented:
@tfewster ...you are exactly correct in your advice.

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