Why isn't my div background image visible?

I am developing a jquery slide show at www.mauitradewinds.com/Cycle   Since the images are large, and may take a few moments to load, I decided to use the first image as a backgound for the slide show div.  I thought that would fill the space until the dynamic elements have loaded.  To test this, I removed the slide show images from the div, expecting to see just the static backgdound image.  But it doesn't appear.  What is wrong?
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Well its hard to test, even when I turn off JavaScript I still see an image (of course).

If it's not working try adding quotes to your background-image:


Honestly usually it works with and without the quotes.

You may have quotes (its hard to tell). The tools Im using make it look as if you don't.

If that doesn't work try using the fully qualified URL and see if that goes:

If that works you need to adjust your relative pathing for this... probably to ../Rotator.jpg

If you didn't have the height/width set I'd say the <div> was collapsing when you take out the images, but it appears you have this done.

..s'all I got, food for thought.
ddantesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comment.  Adding quotes totally did it.  The designated image appears now, with all the div contents deleted.  Many thanks!
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