installation of a click once application

I have a problem with my click once application.

It is supposed to install from a CD or flash disk, but the installation will get updates from a website.

I tried to set all all these where the installation folder is on the computer "c:\fxb\", website is,

I have checked the prerequisites (.net framewk 3.5 and windows installer) and i have set the they should be downloaded from the same location.

I am using a component from grapecity "farpoint spread designer.exe" It is yet a trial version and am soon purchasing. I have set this one to include (Auto) and required oin the applicatio files


On the development computer: when i try to install from the publishing folder, it open the application but no installation.

When i go to another computer, a get the following messege

Unable to install or run the application. the application requires that assembly farpoint.excel be installed  in the global assembly cache first.

On another machine, it flushes a screen very first that it is difficult to read the contents.

Anthony Matovu
Anthony MatovuBusiness Analyst, MTN UgandaAsked:
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Anthony MatovuBusiness Analyst, MTN UgandaAuthor Commented:
I seem to have got over the issue of

Unable to install or run the application. the application requires that assembly farpoint.excel be installed  in the global assembly cache first. by including farpoint.excel in the application required files. but not the problem I am getting is

"Application manifest has either a different computed hash that one specified or no hash specified at all"

Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
If they designed their thing as they should (to protect themselves), GrapeCity designed their evaluation version so that it is hard to distribute.

When you use a dll or other types of components, it is often dependent on other files. When you reference a dll in your application, the system should also know that these need to be deployed. There are ways to distribute a demo version so that ClickOnce or other type of installations do not get that information, so the deployment does not work.

Usually, if they designed their thing as they should, it should work correctly once you have paid for the "real" thing.

This is one problem.

Second problem. If they have designed their farpoint spread designer.exe so that it needs things to be installed in the GAC, you cannot use it with ClickOnce. ClickOnce does not enable you to set the installation directory (so no GAC), and ClickOnce has been designed to be used by a standard user. You normally need administration rights to install something in the GAC.

This could be another problem.

Third possible problem. In order to install something in the GAC, or if you signed your assembly (Signing tab of the project's properties) or if you are using older versions of Visual Studio, all the components you use in your project should also be signed. The "no hash specified at all" can be an indication that your farpoint component was not signed, since the hash is compiled only on signed assemblies.

Your best bet at this point would be to get in contact with grapecity and inquire as to ClickOnce deployment with a full version of their components to know if it is a viable solution for your application, or if you are stuck with a standard Setup deployment when you use their tools.

As a good rule, before starting development and testing on a third party, always inquire to them to know if their components can be used in the environment and deployment method you have chosen for your application. An evaluation version is usually enough to know if the component behave as you want, but not enough to know what the impact could be on other levels such as deployment.
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