OS X Lion Applescript to open Preview and search

I need a simple Applescript that will tell Preview to open, open Find, place the cursor in the field, and copy clipboard content (assuming it exits but not testing) to the search field. After the Find, I need another script or additional step in the same script to open and switch to Adobe Reader. After that, I can end tell but don't know AS well enough.
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Have you thought about using Automator for this task?  It generates the AppleScript automagically for you as you drag and drop components.

Open Automator: choose Workflow and take a look at the PDFs components and the "Files and Folders" components and possibly the Photos components.

I am not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do; but may be able to help further with a little more explanation.

There is an Open Preview component; Get Contents of Clipboard; etc..

there is also a Record button so that you can record your actions and use this as a basis for your script.
MarkJulieAuthor Commented:
Ultimately, I need the AS as a script to call from within FileMaker, so Automator is a logical choice. It just doesn't suit the need unless I can record and convert to script. Can that be done, and, if so, how?
MarkJulieAuthor Commented:
Partially answered with steps of process lacking.
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