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I have been testing our backup procedures and find that I can restore data backed up to a USB external drive using the "native" SBS backup system. I am restoring the data to a completely different server on a different network but I do not seem to need to enter any passwords to get access to the data. I have also tried to restore the data to a desktop PC running Windows 7 but the Backup system does not seem to recognise the USB backup drive. Is this a deliberate policy from MS to make is (slightly) more difficult for someone to retrieve data from a lost or stolen backup drive ?

As USB drives used for offsite backup are vulnerable to theft or loss I feel it would be better that the data was encrypted I have looked at BackupAssist that appears to offer encryption as an option, any recommendations on backup software would be helpfull.


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The SBS 2008 backup is different from the Windows 7 Backup. It is based on m$'s DPM backup. That's why you can't read the backups from the W7 backup tool.

I can't find anything about encryption with the built in backup of SBS 2008 though.

The best 3rd party backup tool available is Shadowprotect from Storagecarft. It includes functions others haven't even heard of. It can make incremental backups in 15 min. Intervals, it allows you to consolidate such incrementals into the full backup which makes things more manageable, it is a very good tool for backing up to offsite datacenters, it allows you to do proactive restores to a VirtualBOX VM, so in case the server has a hardware issue you can change over to that Virtual Machine quickly and the users working, while you repair or replace the original server and restore the backup to it:
jhswinsonAuthor Commented:

Have you had a look at the affordable backup range from Uranium? We are resellers of this product in South Africa and recommen it!

The product allows a wide range of backup types as well file compression with password protection

See for more info.

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