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SQLBase 11.6

Updating SQLBase 9.0.0. to  Unify SQLBase  11.6 appeared, that long text field that earlier version was running nicely, they do not function at all  in higher version!
I am building web service that is urgently needing / based on long text fields (end user filling up).
Has anyone solutions or hints to get further on?
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tahvailAuthor Commented:
Some more information to add:
I am returning to this issue  of 11.6 SP2 , problem we faced with lon text fields
Some  information remarks what we have tried

We are in process to  upgrade from  SQLBase 9.0.0 version  to Unify SQLBase 11.6 and it appeared that long text fields are not accepted as earlier, when they functioned well 9.0.0 version "as expected". We are verycritical situation on text fields due to all our applications are very depended on using long text fields. Is this end ?.... sorry because, since 1993 we have been very satisfied with SQLBase.....
Here is more detailed: (Testing environment to see version 11.6 to work with our data and applications)
"All seems working fine except long varchar datatypes.
-          updating and inserting OK.
-          but fetching long  varchar  brings only empty strings. No error.
And what I did:
-          I downloaded SQLBase 11.6 SP2.
-          Installing was easy.
-          I loaded database from  xxx.unl –file.  It was quick and successful, this is how I did it:
o   SET SERVER Xxxxx/xxxxx
o   create database xxx;
o   connect xxx;
o   load sql C:\xxx\xxx.unl;
o   commit;
-          long  varchar types seems to be ok   in the database. !!!!!
-          and  I can save long variables with centura 4 and odbc/adodb
-          and I can fetch them ok with centura,
-          but when I use odbc and adodb , there will be only empty string (MS  .NET)
o   Driver:  SALBASEODBC.DLL  (19.10.2011)    
o   adodb.dll  (v.7.10.607.0 Microsoft Visual Studio.NET)
So, not compatible with MS .net???
Though adodb and .net are not the same technology,  I use them both.
So  namespace adodb comes from adodb.dll  and I am using it with C# and VB  .NET 2010.
I tested , I really use adodb.dll:  and I blogged all the adodb.dll –files --> the program didn’t work after that.
It works fine with SQLBASE 9.0.0  and  Microsoft .net 2010  Microsoft Visual Studio .NET v.7.10.6070
 Does it really mean that I must convert all my programs to  another technique if we start using SQLBASE 11.6 SP 2 ????
........and all because of long strings…
Our problem actually is focused on the issue of long text fields   long varchar datatypes, for our purposes, we need to use long text  up to - lets say-  50000 or more marks. We cannot see, why this is not possible any  more while  working with version 11.6,   as it has been possible while based on SQLBase 9.0.0
As we see it simpliest,  is that, if there are no restricted  use of long text fields, so our problems seem to be overcome.
With hopes  that 11.6 SP allows to continue with possibility to use long text fields
tahvailAuthor Commented:
Concerning SQLBase 11.6 / Unify ODBC-issue I didn´t get any comments and all FAQ or like solution are about very old versions, sorry.
I do have to continue on my own, feel lonely.........
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