Windows 7 search on Server 2003 share not finding most recent items

I have a customer who heavily relies on the Windows search box to locate PDF, DWG and XML files on their network share. They have 1000's of files, and sometimes need to search for files containing particular text. They were using Windows Vista for 2-3 years and this worked very well.
They have a Windows SBS 2003 machine providing their shared data. It has Windows Search 4.0 installed (if this makes any difference).
I recently wiped their machines and installed Windows 7, and the search is not working as before. It displays old files no problem, but any files created recently don't seem to be showing. By 'recently' this could mean a couple of days, I don't have any precise findings.

As far as I remember, on Vista I had to disable the feature to query the index when searching for files, and also disabled the 'search as you type' feature so that the users had to hit Enter to get the results. On 7 there is no such option. In Search Options I have ticked 'Always search file names and contents' and 'dont use the index when searching' which is working, but as I say, not for recent files. If I create a file called 'test.pdf' in a folder and search that folder for 'test' or '*test*' or '*.pdf' it just does not show.

It looks as if an index is being queried, and the index isn't recent enough to show up recent files, even though I am trying to make Windows ignore the index.
Any ideas?
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"I am trying to make Windows ignore the index"
I would think you would want to do just the reverse and also make sure the index is constantly updating.
Control Panel|Indexing Options|Advanced|File Types tab will allow you to index specifically for the file types of interest.  The Index Setting tab will allow you to rebuild the index.
smickellAuthor Commented:
That's what it was. I thought all files were indexed as standard. Turns out I had to add a lot of custom extensions into the indexing interface on the server. Searching has never been faster. Thanks!
smickell--You are most welcome!!
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