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Copy Data between Portals script

I have a Tables Product ID , Production Day and Production Week.
In the Production week Table I have two Portals,
All Products to be Produced in Production Week are listed in this Portal
The next Portal   assigns a slected Product (which is listed via a value list showing the selected Items for the production week) to    A day or Days in the week of Production  .
This is fine except the if the list of products assigned for that week is lengthy it can be confusing.
What I would like to do is ,,,in the first Portal showing a list of products assigned to the week of production , I want to place buttons in each portal row next to the proiduct code Monday ,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday.When the user decides that this Product must be produced on  say Monday it will create a new record in the Production Day Table and assigne that Product ID to the Monday of the Production week.The production week dates are based on Week Of Fiscal Year.
I need to know how to select one of the Product ID s  from the first Portal , Place it in  the Second Portal Product fieled , create a new record  and assign it to the correct day.You might need to know how the calendar is set up in order to answer the last part but right now what is important is to get the data into the second portal as a new record.
Many thanks
1 Solution
Can that weeks items only be produced on a single day.  Or can the user select Monday and Tuesday?

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