MS Office Volume licensing question

I have a client with a need for terminal services for 4 users but only two of them need office.

I see that the MS Office volume licensing is per device. If 4 users are logged in to the Terminal Server do I need 4 x Super expensive MS Office licenses.

If I only get two, how does the licensing decide which devices are licensed?

I hope this makes sense. MS licensing is confusing..

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alan-blairAuthor Commented:
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I spoke with Microsoft myself and got them to allow the order for 2 CAL's through.
Amitabh SinghAWS Certified Solution Architect | L3 IT Specialist for CloudCommented:
Hello alan-blair
no you don't need 4 MS Office licenses, as you know MS Office volume licensing is per device, so if have office installed on Terminal Server you just need one per device license for MS office , but you may be need terminal service  license for 4 sessions on TS if you don't have still ;)

any way may be you know about citrix presentation server which is coming for application virtualization . its same term on TS also application installed on one place and used by 4 or more user
Its the terminal devices that need licences though, not the server, so you still needs fours licences. As per:-

you need four licences for the four devices. If its Office 2010 as per

you need a volume key for which the minimum is five licences so you can't just buy two. However once you have you volume key then if you use a KMS server it doesn't measure or meter the number of licences needed. Thats your responsability to manage and controll, and to ensure that only an approriate number of devices use office.
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alan-blairAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments guys..

Can Microsoft be any less small business friendly?

I contacted my supplier. We purchased 5 x RDS CALS last week. When they tried to order an additional 2 x Office CALS they were told MS won't accept an order for less that 5 CALS in any one order. All they want is Outlook and Excel for two users. So for this it is going to cost them AUD$3000...


At that price it would probably be simpler to use "thick clients". They could also try Open Office which is free, but pretty fully featured.
alan-blairAuthor Commented:
The reason we have put them on Terminal Services is they have an industry specific application that is MS Access based. Unfortunately, and I have seen this often, accessing large MS  Access databases over a network is very laggy. From a new installation it was taking 30 seconds just to open the app on their workstation. On the TS where the data resides, it opens immediately. Unfortunately this app requires Outlook and Excel to function. I think we are a bit stuck for options, MS have us by the proverbials.

Yes, you are between the rock and the hard place as we say. I would also suspect that moving the app away from ACCESS would cost more than the TS & Office licences. We have similar issues where I work and there isn't really a great solution. Sometimes we put the database on a workstation so one user gets best access becuase we don't like storing data on TS servers, but we also have dedicated TS servers for this reason. Sorry...
alan-blairAuthor Commented:
Well I had a win with Microsoft.. Complain enough and sometimes they listen.

Thanks for your ideas guys.
II don't mind it being closed o points, but I don't think it should be deleted as it conatins important information.
South ModModeratorCommented:
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At this point I am going to re-start the auto-close procedure.
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alan-blairAuthor Commented:
Apon review I think g4ugm did in fact answer the question. The fact that Microsoft dis allow me to purchase just two MS Office CAL's appears to be out of the ordinary.

My apoligies, I'm not too familiar with this forum and don't really understand the significance of awarding points. I'll read up on this.

In hind sight is it possible to award the points to g4ugm?

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