Wi-Fi only LAN and internet drops outs

I have a client that operates using a mix of MACs and PC's. Mainly laptops.  They all connect to the server, email, internet, printing and time capsule backups across wi-fi. About 4 months ago, they started getting dropouts to the internet and local network whilst connected to a strong wi-fi signal strength.

This randomly keeps happening and clearly the client is getting annoyed, as am I at the amount of time I've spent try and fix this.  One day it could be fine, the next its terrible.

I've replaced the router, had two different WAP in, changed the SSID, changed the password, its using WPA(2)-PSK.

Right now I'm going across all devices turning them off to see if this has any effect or not, but could use some guidance.
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D_HartupConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Resolved my own issue.  It was Timemachine causing the traffic.  A single laptop backing up to time machine over the Wi-Fi.  The fact was that all laptops were set to do this, but I narrowed it down by turning all network devices off and running a timemachine backup on its own.  Took down local pings and internet pings!
sir plusSales ManagementCommented:
You tried changing channels?

I only ask because you don't mention it and its the obvious thing to try first.

It worked for me (eventually we worked out it was a harmonic of a neighbours cordless phone and roller door opener combining that caused the issue).
D_HartupAuthor Commented:
sirplus, to comment, yes, changed channels, SSID, encryption on/off, different branded AP, G, N, you name it!
D_HartupAuthor Commented:
Good ol back to basics troubleshooting :)
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