Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise OWA (outlook web app) Timeout

The OWA (Outlook Wep App) does sometimes from the "Outside - Out of the office"  get Timeouts and verry long response time, sometimes up to: 15 minutes and the long response time normaly results in a timeout. The problem  also exsist inside at the office where only one users is on the server gets a timeout.

The server is running AD, DNS, RDS and Exchange 2010.
The hardware inforamtion of the server:
Hardware information
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Ok, do you have an NID scanning on the firewall for incoming traffic.  I am not overly familiar with the Zyxel router but I do know it can do packet scanning which may be causing the latency on the OWA connection.  Checking the logging should reveal any traffic scanning that it is doing

Also it might be worth checking the mail security software to see if this is logging any external incoming traffic.  Is there any delay on other traffic such as e-mail at all?  A simple external e-mail into the Company could test this

Assuming you have port 443 redirected for your OWA?

What type of firewall device are you using on your network?  

Also are you running any OWA plugins for mail scanning etc?

Do you have the same domain name internally as externally?

jhassingdcdAuthor Commented:
The firewall is a Zyxel Zywall 2 plus
For mailscanning we are using Eset Mail security 4 for exchange server.
We are using different domain name externally
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