No DataReader Source in the Data Flow sources in Toolbox

I am trying to migrate data from AS400 to SQL Server 2008. having recomended to use the DataReader Source I cannt find it in the toolbox.
 however the DataReader Destination is not missing.
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Christopher GordonConnect With a Mentor Senior Developer AnalystCommented:
What version of BIDS / Visual Studio are you using in SSIS?  I believe ADO.NET Source replaced DataReader Source after SQL 2005.

Do you see ADO.NET Source in your toolbox?
Brian ChanDBACommented:
From what you are described, you are on the Data Flow tab for one of the module in the SSIS package.

If you are tryig to suck data out of AS400 (which is DB2, right?), then you should use the "OLE DB Source" in the Data flow sources section.

First, setup a connection from the connection manager. you would need to find out which provider would cater the service to DB2.

Then, once you are able to connect to DB2 from SQL, you can then use the OLE DB Source to read from the AS400.

HagitaAuthor Commented:
Cannt I use the ODBC provider? until now I couldnt get the data from an OLEDB provider.
HagitaAuthor Commented:
YES. can it work with odbc provider as well? I am having trouble configuring the OLEDB.
on the other hand also having conversion problems with the odbc.
Christopher GordonSenior Developer AnalystCommented:
Sorry, I haven't done anything with AS400 imports using SSIS.  I was just letting you a potential reason why the DataReader source wasn't available for you in the toolbox.
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