CA Arcserve backup and Tape Library

Hi Experts,

I am new to tape library and would like to know how i can use it with CA Arcserve backup such that arcserve will load different tape each day for a backup job?

My tape library is a 2U DELL Power Vault TL2000 and the CA Arcserve backup version is R15. I have loaded 20 tapes into the tape library.

I would like to setup a daily backup job which will automatically change to a new tape per day, monday to friday in a 2 week cycle:

week 1, Mon -> 000001L5
week 1, Tue -> 000002L5
week 1, Fri -> 000005L5
week 2, Mon -> 000006L5
week 2, Tue -> 000007L5

Week 3, mon -> 000001L5

What i need to setup to achieve this? is that the media pool? if so please explain to me how to configure this.

many thanks!
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You can use a weekly rotation scheme (with media pools) in Arcserve. How often do you want Full backups vs Incrementals?

for once a week full, you can choose a scheme like '5-day weekly rotation, with full backup on Friday'
give a media pool name
then change the settings of the media pool to keep 10 tapes in save set, so this way you can always have past two weeks backup preserved.
any tape(s) whcih goes beyond this 10 day time, will go to scratch set and can be reused in subsequent job.

note: you can't force a job to use a specific tape (as per barcode, etc) for each day... but using a scheme as described above, you can achieve ur requirement with minimal user interventation required.
S00007359Cloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
U can't use the method above unless you load specific tapes on a particular day.

you can use GFS method, and again, have to load specific tapes per day.

also refer to CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Administration Guide r15 on GFS
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