nested application.cfc

Hi experts,

I have a website in coldfusion, with at its root, an "/Application.cfc" file.

Now we are building a new test version in a subdirectory "/3/"
into this, the new "/3/Application.cfc" file who will serve only the "/3/" website.

My question is : is that practice correct ? Won't the top "/Application.cfc" interfer ?

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only one Application.cfc file is ever called..  so any code run under /3 will only fire the /3/application.cfc file.

If you are buidling a copy of the application located at /  you should put the new applicaton parallel to it, not under it...

so you would have ...


that would be the better approach...

If the application /3 is intended to be part of, or a section of the existing app (rather than a new version) we should chat about that  a bit more..
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