User doesn't receive some internal mails

Greetings gents.

Here we go:

System: Microsoft Exchange 2k7
Client OS: Win XP
Client Mail: Outlook 2k3

Issue: one user (so far) cannot receive mails only from certain INTERNAL users both on his Outlook and Web Access.


Checked the Message tracking Results: ALL missing messages appear in the Message Tracking Results, and they are from different sources: SDMT and STOREDRIVER

User doesn't have any filter applied in his ADUC or mailbox;

Reset the users' profile. Result: nothing



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Tony JConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Covering some of the bases that users sometimes do - have you checked that it isn't going into his junk mail folder for some reason?

And re the rules - nothing set up as an OWA rule?
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
looks like some outlook rules, can you check it.
Xn1p2Author Commented:
I did. Maybe wrongly worded, but: user doesn't have any filter applied in his ADUC or mailbox

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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
this happens for specific users who send him or what is the criteria.
in message tracking did you find those messages as received event
Xn1p2Author Commented:
It is just for some users, not all internals. At this point I don't know whether it is for externals as well. So far he didn't receive any complaints about it.

Internally, some can mail and some cannot.

The EventId from the Message Tracking is "RECEIVE", and in it are ALL messages, both not received in his mailbox as well as received.
Xn1p2Author Commented:
The user had a rule set to get xyz Workspace Admin Account mail to a specific folder.
I checked in the specified folder, and tadaaa! Found the missing users.
He was not seeing their mail because were members of that group.
I created a new rule to transfer those users in the INBOX, and voilá back to normal.


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