Outlook 2007 searches don't show emails from the last 3 months

I have a user who when he does a search in Outlook 2007 will only return results from 7/31/2011 and prior. Nothing from August/September/October appear. Search does not work correctly even when you try advanced search.

The user works in Terminal Services which does not allow for indexing. All other users within the Terminal Services are able to search without any issue.

Here is what I have tried so far:

1. Tried loading Outlook in Safe Mode, unable to search correctly.

2. Removed all Add-In, unable to search correctly

3. Removed local copy of user's profile and registry setting for user's profile. Had user log in with new copy of roaming profile. Still unable to search correctly

4. created new Roaming Profile. Logged user in with new profile still unable to search correctly

5. Loaded users mail profile to administrator account within Terminal Services and was unable to search correctly

6. Added mail profile to my local machine and was able to search with out any issues.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
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Move the mailbox to another database - if you have one - as damaged mail content is "fixed" on READ automatically. Making a full READ / WRITE of mailbox content can repair the mailbox content.

Even if you have just one storage group - create a temp one, move out and back.

Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
OK, silly question...does user have archiving turned on? Can you verify that there are actually emails in those date ranges? Tell me more
stoltzhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
kfalandays: The user does not have archiving turned on. Yes there are emails within those date ranges

Postmaster: I will try this. Thanks
Can you please check the behavoiur @ OWA

if you still face the same issue:
ResetSearchIndex.PS1 -Force "ExchangeServerName\StorageGroupName\StoreName"
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