Spanned disk from W2008

I have a Windows 2008 server running Backup Exec. And it is successfully backing up to a spanned disk which is 6 TB composed of 8 smaller volumes shared through iSCSI.  What makes me nervous is that windows doesn't report the size or disk usage in properties for the volume.  And I can't access the volume through Explorer.  But Backup Exec seems to be happy with it.  And it is showing as a healthy volume in disk manager.

Disk manager can report the free and used space. So... What is a poor boy to think?
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DeepThnkrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks will give it a try
chakkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe some connection problem happened with the iSCSI initiator,  It's working and just not showing in Explorer correctly?
Some Ideas.
Reboot the server to reset the connection maybe will solve this.  Or restart the iSCSI service when you have time for it.  Kill Explorer.exe process and let it restart or manually restart from the Task Manager
DeepThnkrAuthor Commented:
This seems to be a Windows functionality with a GPT volume of 8TB.
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