How To Make A Landscape Crystal Report

Hello guys,
I make a DataGridView and fill it with Dataset's records.
But I need to print it :). The problem is the columns are too many and I need to make a landscape report. I design the reports with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010. As a person who is not lazy I've searched over the internet and found things like "Change your printer settings.

Isn't a better way to somehow design the report as a landscape and so the pages could be showed rendering vertically, cos I'll have to make the client change the settings on export and printig it?

Tell me guys which is the best way to print this table and how to achieve it?
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I believe in this version, when you go to Print Setup inside the designer, you have the options for paper size and orientation.

If not under Print Setup, the options are under Page Setup.
How are you building the report?
Are you using a cross tab for the datagrid?

Incognito, any luck?
IncognitoManAuthor Commented:
I have solved the problem :), thank you both very much for the will to help :) (sun) :).
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