DAG Auto or Manual Failover?

I have a two member DAG, one server at each site. The primary site's server hosts the 'up' database, and the copy runs at the secondary site.  It is configured to use DAC-Only mode.

Recently, the primary site had a switch outage.  During the outage, the primary DAG member thought everything was OK, except it couldn't copy to its backup copy.  Nobody in the primary site could get to their email, and I was afraid to manually bring up the secondary site's copy for fear the switch problem would be fixed, and it would be split-brain.

Was this a valid fear?  What's the best thing to do in a situation like this?
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if the primary dag member thought everything was OK then it was able to access the share witness too, in that case you did very well since bringing up the other server would have led to split brain.

Next time, if you want to bring up the backup server you can simply turn off the main one and bring up the secondary one avoiding split brain
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