Flex 4.5 - Title Window CSS

I'm trying to style the title\header of a TitleWindow, without any success.

Currently converting from 3.5 SDK to the 4.5.1 SDK and the style isn't working.

I had the following CSS in the 3.5 version:

.TitleWindowPopUp {
      modal-transparencyBlur: 0;
      modal-transparency: 0.85;
      modal-transparencyColor: black;
      corner-radius :10;
      border-color :#666666;
      title-style-name : "TitleWindowPopUpTitle";

      font-family :Arial;
      font-size :14;
      font-weight :bold;
      color :#ffffff;

The following is the new CSS for the 4.5.1 version:
@namespace s "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark";
@namespace mx "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx";

s|TitleWindow {
      title-style-name: "TitleWindowPopUpTitle";      
      fontSize: 12;
      fontFamily: Arial;
      backgroundColor: #c8c8c8;
      cornerRadius: 10;
      borderColor: #666666;
      modalTransparencyBlur: 0;
      modalTransparency: 0.85;
      modalTransparencyColor: black;

      fontFamily: Arial;
      fontSize: 14;
      fontWeight: bold;
      color: #ffffff;

For some reason the "title-style-name" is not recognized. Something is obviously different when it comes to the Title Window Title\Header.

Thanks in advance.
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Why are you not uding mc:TitleWindow? For spark component you should create a skin is not CSS base
nbtnotesAuthor Commented:
I actually just figured out how to make a skin. I'm playing around with it and it seems very powerful.

As of right now I have a combo of a skin and css.

Thanks for the help.
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