ASP.NET C# 3.5 Web Application: In Apple Safri Web Browser Wrongly working:- PASSWORD text box need to alert on focus if the end-user client machine keyboard CAPS LOCK ON

Hi TonyReba,

     The javascript give by you ( is working fine in all browsers except APPLIE SFARI WEB BROWSER 5.1.1.

     As per my requirement in the question, the required logic is, to enter the password, the enduser should not use CAPS LOCK ON and they SHOULD be using the shift key.

     But if we use the shift key in the SAFARI browser, that is telling the CAPS LOCK IS ON. This is not correct. Please help me to get the solution.
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David S.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The code that TonyReba posted is really old and not particularly well written in the first place. I'm not surprised it doesn't work as expected in some browsers.

Check these out:

I suggest you read Some signs that a JavaScript Script was Badly Written.
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