Index and Page number Formatting Issues

I have a client that is trying to edit a word document with an index.

Upon trying to insert page numbers, they are inserted correctly at the beginning of the document but if you scroll to say page 48 there are no page numbers.

Also, when they are trying to edit the document and change these page numbers the index doesn't get updated. Any changes made don't seem to get changed within the index.

In addition these setting seem to be carried over to other documents.
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regmigrantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
and the index may not be set to update automatically - have you tried selecting the whole index then pressing 'f9'?
Page number formats can be different between sections. Also, you can have have different headers and footers between sections, so here my be no page fields in later sections.

We may have to see a sample document to give more precise advice.
warsawtechConsultantAuthor Commented:
My bad. We just discovered the client is using Office 2007, not 2010. Don't know if that changes anything or not.
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nope, changes nothing - have you checked the suggestions above and if so can you post the document so we can take a look?
warsawtechConsultantAuthor Commented:
The client is not at the computer right now, and hasn't been able to try any thing as of yet. I will keep you posted when she logs back on.

The document is confidential and is not something that we can share. But I will see if any of these suggestions work and get back to everyone. Thanks!
You did say that it affects other documents, so you may find or be able to create one that isn't confidential.
warsawtechConsultantAuthor Commented:
Did this and problem went away.

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