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Oracle starter

I am SQL DBA and have to start maintaining Oracle databases.  I need to install development oracle 10g(I am not sure if that is free like in SQl) ..create an Oracle database in  my development environment and start playing around with it to get familiar with Oracle.   Can an Oracle guru  get me started with some how to instructions?......did research online..too much info..need to get straight to the point.  Any inputs appreciated.
Nana Hemaa
Nana Hemaa
3 Solutions
you can download multiple versions for free from OTN for development and study

you can download them here


11g will be at the top, scroll down to get to 10g
also note  Oracle XE (express edition) is totally free (even for production use)

it has limitations, but is still pretty good to learn with


again 11g is at the top,  10g is lower.

Unless you "must" use 10g,  I recommend starting with the most recent 11g  11gR2
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:

Can I assume SQL Server?

I would suggest a crossover guide that can bridge the gaps between the two systems.

There are a few out there:

Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Azure 2017

Azure has a changed a lot since it was originally introduce by adding new services and features. Do you know everything you need to about Azure? This course will teach you about the Azure App Service, monitoring and application insights, DevOps, and Team Services.

Nana HemaaAuthor Commented:
After the installation ..where do I go to create test databases etc  and manage them.. can someone share more light?
you'll create them on some server,  your own pc if you want.

if you don't have much space/memory/cpu  then use XE, it's lighter weight
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
A 'database' in Oracle doesn't mean the same thing as a database in SQL Server.

This is why a good crossover book will help.  It will cover the terminology differences.

The install will ask you if you want to create a database.

You can create them after with the Configuration Assistants.

A database in Oracle has schemas which are basically users that own objects like tables.

There are 'sample' schemas that can be installed when you build the database.  Most documentation examples are based on these sample schemas.

- the earlier experts have provide sufficient detail on downloading and install the Oracle database. going forward, you can either use command prompt - 'sqlplus' tool that comes with the database to do DML operations such as insert update delete tables, index, query, create tables and etc or use the following free SQL Developer GUI-based to do the same:

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