chocolate in checkin luggage

does it get hot in the airplane luggage compartment?  i believe if i have choclate bars in the carry on, i should be OK, because of the Air condition in the cabins.. what about in the check-in place? (underneath the plane?)
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Depends on where you are flying to and from... Up in the air, the luggage compartment actually gets pretty cold since it's cold at high altitude.  But while on the ground the area can get hot if you're in a hot area (like Vegas).
Here's a pretty decent link about transporting chocolate...
yes, I've transported chocolate myself,  any melting that occurs will be during handling and waiting on the ground,  not while in flight.

if you're worried about it melting and getting on stuff, put it in a zip lock bag with air squeezed out.  
if you're worried about it melting because it's shaped and you want to preserve it, then I suggest carryon
 or , if it's particularly special, mail it to yourself in temperature controlled transport
We have travelers bring us chocolate from half way around the world and it survives just fine in a suitcase.  (American chocolate is poor, IMHO.)

If it's a tiny commuter plane that spends a lot of time on the tarmac, the luggage will get hot.  Same goes for the luggage after it's removed from the plane....if the luggage handling is not in an air-conditioned area, it can get hot.
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good info.
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